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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Must do while selecting an Online Tutor

Internet is flooded with educational resources from Videos to Live Tutoring, homework assistance to essay review. Websites offer live tutoring on your suitable schedule. This means you get help whenever needed – be it midnight, day or weekend – help is available when required. But, you need to be very careful while selecting an online tutor. Follow below checks before hiring a tutor:
      • Check Tutor’s Credentials: Make sure the tutor’s credentials and qualifications are good enough to cater your needs. Top tutoring website such as has all tutors with at least Bachelor’s degree.
      • Tutor Timings: Check the tutor’s schedule and see if suits your calendar and routine. It is important to check this because then only you will be able to take sessions in your comfortable hours.
      • Reviews: Reviews from other students and parents are very important to check the tutor’s credibility. Good work is always appreciated and bad job is also ALWAYS acknowledged. Thus these reviews give a fair idea about a tutor’s performance.
      • Affordability: Online tutors are much economical than offline tutors. This is because online tutors work from home and save time and money which they have to spend in offline tutoring. Tutors for all subjects for K-12 and college are available for very reasonable rates.

Following the above check list you can easily find an appropriate tutor for your requirements.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why Choose Eduwizards over other Tutoring Companies?

Since 2007, Eduwizards has been an active destination for all Educational solutions for K-12 and college levels. Tutors here have proactively helped thousands of students across the world to achieve their goals. The overwhelming reviews from students and parents clearly show the reason behind this phenomenal success.

Here are the prime reasons which distinguish Eduwizards from other tutoring companies:

At Eduwizards Student chooses own Tutor and Student can Easily Connect to the Same Tutor Every Time.

At Eduwizards student chooses own tutor and can schedule sessions with same tutor every time. Student can take either instant tutoring or scheduled session tutoring based on the needs. Students have the freedom of scheduling sessions as per own comfort.

All tutors at least hold bachelor’s degrees
All tutors are highly qualified and at least hold bachelors degree. Many tutors hold masters or Ph.D. degrees. This is the root cause that Eduwizards offers tutoring services to K-12 and college level students in all subjects.

Comfortable and Convenient
Online tutoring at Eduwizards is very comfortable and convenient. Student does not need to go out, waste time and energy to take tutoring. Tutors are accessible 24/7 and hence your child gets help whenever required. Online tutoring at Eduwizards is always one-on-one and with voice. This means full focus and highest productivity.

Affordable and Flexible
Tutoring at Eduwizards is very affordable. Moreover, students have the flexibility of paying as you go. No fixed payment is needed. However, one can subscribe for unlimited tutoring program in which students get unlimited tutoring sessions for a month on a fixed amount.

These are the main reasons why Eduwizards has left other tutoring companies far behind. Students   

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why Online Tutoring Companies are tapping the Education Market?

We have lately observed that online tutoring companies have captured a significant space in the education/ tutoring market. We understand that the world is moving to online mode of operations. Be it banking, ticket booking, shopping, etc. etc. We have very strong reasons why online model is successful in every industry. Also, we know why this model will dominate in the coming years.

Here we have listed a few questions (and answers) which clearly state why this model is getting popularity.

Question: What makes online tutoring appealing to both students and tutors?

Answer: For students, it is very important that they get help instantly. Top tutoring companies provide tutoring service 24/7 and hence students can find a tutor anytime and from anywhere. No travel, no energy waste.
Tutors prefer this because it is an extraordinary part-time job. Tutors get $20 per hour and all they need to have an internet connection with headphone and mike.

Question: How online tutoring saves time?

Answer: Online tutoring saves time. While in traditional offline tutoring, you need to spend time in travelling. Online tutoring is a really unique position where one can quickly find an online tutor for variety of requirements. Top online tutoring like covers K-12 and college for all subjects. You can find tutors who are Ph.D. for your niche requirement.

Question: Why is it easy to find tutors?

Answer: Students can find tutors on the basis of their requirements. The tutor reviews are openly posted on the websites and students can first read the reviews and then only decide to select or reject a tutor. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Earn $20 per hour with Online Tutoring

If you have at least a college degree, and you are good with academic subjects, online tutoring can be a very healthy way to earn $20 per hour. Top online tutoring website like has got enough students who need assistance with various subjects for K-12 and college levels. Believe it or not, for this you do not need to move away from your home. All you need to have a reliable internet connection and headphone with microphone on your computer.

First, you need to create a tutor account on the website. Creating a tutor account is a onetime process when you need to select your own list of subjects for which you want to provide tutoring. You are free to choose your own time duration. One of the best things about being an online tutor is that you can be flexible, since online tutors are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Online tutors feel proud to help students in their subjects. Eduwizards covers all subjects and levels – K-12 and college.

There are many benefits of being an online tutor:

(i)                  You save a lot on time, money and energy that you have to spend if you take offline session by visiting a library or student’s place.
(ii)                Online tutoring sessions are one-on-one and therefore you get a chance to make the session productive.
(iii)               Good work brings more and more students. Since session reviews are openly posted, you get a chance to have more students come in on reading your good reviews.
(iv)              You get a flexibility of 24/7 work. Since sessions are online, you have the flexibility of taking session anytime.
(v)                You can take sessions even on vacation – This model allows you to take session even when you are on a vacation. If you have empty time on vacations or holiday, you can spend some time on tutoring and earn handsomely.

This is why we are promoting online tutoring. This model is coming up very fast.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Online French Tutoring

French is the national language of France. French is a widely spoken language is many parts of the world. People usually find it difficult to solve French language questions as their assignment or homework.
Eduwizards presents Online Tutoring for French from expert tutors of French. These Online tutors not only help in tutoring French but they also give assistance for Assignments and homework. Students can avail these tutoring by just registering on the website

Online French Tutors helps students for their Assignments and homework.

Other benefits of Online French Tutoring:

1. Student can plan his own tutoring time
2. Student can select an online tutor for him by reading the feedback and reviews of a tutor.
3. 24*7 services add value to tutoring service.
4. One-on-one assistance allows student to discuss his doubts.
5. Student can ask for Assignment Help from tutors.
6. Online Tutoring is free from constraints like time, transportation etc.
7. Student can fix a free trial session with the tutor.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unlimited Tutoring

It is observed that when summer ends and the new school year begin, a lot of students struggle with their previous year’s learned concepts.

Weaker students require more assistance in their studies to improve their grades. To help students in this problem EduwizardS is offering unlimited tutoring for summer and that on a very low rate. Yes believe it or not you can avail unlimited tutoring for just $49 per month in this summer. So this is the best option to avail best tutoring service.

Additional Benefits of Unlimited Tutoring in summer:

1. Students can choose their own time for tutoring.

2. Student can select a tutor by seeing reviews and feedback given to the tutor.

3. Student can go for a free 30 minutes session to determine whether to avail tutoring or not.

4. Online tutoring is a method by which student can avoid various constraints like: distance, transportation and time.

5. Online tutoring is provided on one-on-one basis, so it is 100% customized programme.

6. Summer tutoring can be the best utilization of holidays.

7. Students can also go for Assignment help or homework help from experts.

8. 24*7 services make this programme flexible and suit every student’s routine.

9. The student can plan his tutoring sessions.

10. One-on-one service allows students to discuss their problems and doubts.

11. Online Tutors make study interesting and experts know ways of teaching different types of students.

So there is no reason to miss this great opportunity and improve your knowledge, marks and finally grades.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Science Homework Help - Assignment Help and Online Tutoring in Science

Science homework is often considered as the most time consuming exercise for the students. The problem gets more difficult if one has stuck in some problem or chemistry equation. To help out students in this tedious job we have come up with a headshot! Yes now get instant assignment help and homework help from experienced experts. Not only this now get Online Tutoring from reputed online tutors.

Online tutoring website allows you to search a tutor for yourself. This search can be done by reading the reviews and rating along with feedbacks given by students to the online tutors.

Online tutoring is delivered by advanced multimedia system consisting of audio and video software along with whiteboard and text chat service. Also student can make a choice of time of tutoring according to his own convenience. This one-on-one tutoring service allows student to ask question and clear his doubts. These services add more value to Online Tutoring.

Online tutoring in science is provided to all levels of students from K-12 and colleges level. A student can go tutoring for specific subjects like physics, chemistry and biology. Also students can select more specific are for online tutoring by selecting niche areas like: cell, micro biology etc for assistance in very specific subject.

So now there is nothing to wait. Start Online Tutoring now and improve your grades and score extra marks to make yourself different than others.